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Plan your upcoming adventures with these inspiring and unique 2017 Calendars.

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Alex Pullen Dynamic Media Productions

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About the Artist: Alex Pullen is a freelance artist known for creating unique and memorable content.  Applying his skills as a photographer, designer and website engineer, Alex artistically explores the connection between the the mind and the heart, business and people, humanity and the earth. Whether you are looking for unique and memorable stock images, videos, or unique websites and graphics, Alex is dedicated to providing top notch services and custom media. Contact Alex for rates and availability.

Testimonials & Reviews

Alex worked with me and provided a scientific graphic which depicts a relatively complicated experimental design and associated results. His service was effective in asking me questions to ensure he understood my desired product to his fullest potential and continued to submit drafts to me to ensure that he was on the right track.

Alex was very swift in developing initial drafts and met a very tight deadline I posed with ease. He made the process easy and enjoyable. Communication was frequent and well appreciated given our geographic separation. Working with Alex was incredibly pleasurable.

In the end, the final product is exactly what I was looking for and of high quality. I have used the same graphic in presentations and posters and receive excellent feedback from my colleagues and audience members.

Overall, I would highly recommend Alex's services to others, he delivers a high quality product while maintaining effective communication and quality assurance through out the process. He is also easy and enjoyable to work with making hiring him a choice decision.

PhD Student at NAU

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