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Are you looking for unique ready-to-hang photographs?

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What is a Metal Print?

Metal Prints are a great alternative to traditional matted and framed photographs (think paper photograph, behind glass in a wooden frame). With Metal Prints, the image is printed directly onto a thin sheet of aluminum which is mounted on a “Float Mount Hanger” (see picture below). These prints come in a variety of sizes, ship ultra fast will take the breath of your viewers away – whether it be in your dining room, living space, or office.

Where to hang a Metal Print?

I recommend hanging Metal Prints in ambient light (not direct light, as like all photographs they can fade from direct UV exposure). This could be at the end of a hallway where there is a window, in a livingroom, above a fireplace, or a bathroom with good natural light. These Metal Prints are also an excellent way to invite calm and inspirational feelings to your living space, office or workspace. Above all put this print somewhere where visitors and guests will get to see it. Wow your friends, family and co-workers with an Alex Pullen original.

For a volume discount on prints please contact Alex at connect@alexpullen.com for details.

More benefits of Metal Prints:

  • Water proof and moisture proof coating
  • Scratch resistant coating
  • Ready to hang!
  • ultra light (it’s all aluminum)
  • Metallic Finish really brings prints to life – these prints will change throughout the day as the natural lighting fluctuates.

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All Metal Prints found in my gallery come are ready-to-hang and come in a variety of sizes!

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