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Clipped Crescent Moon

Clipped Crescent Moon

With no one else present I relate to the Self.

Full-brimming with emotional solvents I dissolve all thats left.

Riding no-hands smiling beneath a clipped crescent moon…

With so much room, so much room

beneath myself and above the sky so black and bluely true.

White headphones, steady rhythms, a black jacket and gloves.

A soulful drumbeat giving my insides a hug…

Peddling, moving, fly-dancing home.

Breathing smiles, old memories on this familiar paved road.

All mixed-together-whole, completed with questions of the unknown.

Exploring the soar pit in my stomach, the boundary between myself,

and what I used to have known…

Gratitude’s golden threads I hold onto like a light balloon.

Let them carry me, carry me

up to that clipped crescent moon.