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“FLC alumni praises ‘do it yourself’ approach to making your school, build your business”

For those of you currently attending college, this book may interest you… As a Fort Lewis College Alumni,  I can say that I do not use my degree… I started my own business. I was always a bit of a black sheep, I guess… Or maybe I was just passionate about doing different things. As an example in college, I won “Best Thesis” for the Natural and Behavioral Sciences in Winter of 2012 (judged by the community of science professors), but got a C in the same class, graded by the one teacher…

For What?

For not following directions…

Looking back at the overall experience I do not value my diploma or my transcript…  What I do value, is the network I built in school, and a few specific skill sets I leaned.

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Sadly, the idea of getting good grades and expecting a good job when we graduate is no longer a reality… But to build a business or land the job of your dreams, you’ll need to do more than just sit in the classroom. You will be released into a  job market that can’t hold all the degree holders, and generationally speaking, we want more fulfilling and creative jobs. The college will not help you find them.

If you want to be fulfilled in your career, you’ll have to “create” your job, like I did, and like others are doing.

It’s more fun, it’s more engaging, more fulfilling and – you can make more money –

When we switch our mindset in school, and begin pursuing the right kinds of “networking opportunities“, and  gaining marketable “skill sets” you will begin making the college work for you.

Kyle Gray’s book explains how to access little known and underused university resources. This book may provide some paradigm shifting insights to anyone working toward a degree with the hopes of doing work they love when they graduate. Even if you don’t want to own your own business, these strategies will make you more competitive for your dream job.

The College Entrepreneur is a book about discovering your passion, connecting with mentors, and leveraging your university’s resources to build a thriving business or personal brand before you graduate. By starting a business before you graduate you learn key skills and develop a network that will lead to opportunities to do work that you love.

-Kyle Gray, author of The College Entrepreneur

Enjoy, and please pass along to students you know who want to be self employed.

Alex Pullen

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