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Delightful Hiatus - Alex Pullen


“Letting eyes love me,
These eyes say the two words
All eyes want to hear,
‘Love Me.’

Two potent words paired together.
What could be stronger,
More divine,
More luscious
Than the words, ‘My Love?’

Why Love?
When we could fear,
Contract and steal.
That which can be freely given,
Liven, striven.
Don’t let Love just happen…

Let it be an intention,
When geared correctly,
A roaring engine,
A flying machine,
A propellor of dreams,
A feeling that leads,
To new places and things.

Unbeknownst to the Mind
The heart grabs the wheel and drives.
Acts, illogic and phallic,
rend delightful tastes on my pallette.

New colors on the wheel,
new ways this body feels,
reals and turns,
shivers and yearns.

Put me in a box of sensual letters,
and I’m left singing in verse.

Tasting spring on each of their lips,
Stare-drawn into the abyss,
Of their eyes.
Peel back the leather mask,
Reveal the disguised.

Flayed open,
Submitted to themselves,
Yielded and spent,
Sweating nourishment,
sooths all loans lent,
feelers bent,
feathers ruffled- but-not-broken.
In this case, to many words were spoken.

That firecracker went off,
Soaked in wine,
Peppered with poetry,
Blackend the streets,
Our hearts thump awkwardly to the back-beat,
Of the off-rhythm fate played us.
Nothing more could have been given,
on this delightful,