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Artist's ready to ascend the Melakwa Lake Trail in Washington State

Artists ready to ascend the Melakwa Lake Trail in Washington State

One thing that I love about social media, is that it allows us to connect with real people – in person.

My lovely lady and partner in crime, Marion is really good about targeting people she wants to get to know, and then she interacts with them – and meets up with them. She recently found an artist, Nikki Frumkin on Instagram organizing a ladies “Hike and Draw”.  This last weekend we loaded up the truck and drove up to the Cascades and went to check it out. My wife got to hike alongside a rad group of adventurous gals, and I got to leisurely make my way up the 4.25 mile trail after them.

Hiking alone is one of my favorite things to do, and I like to do it often. Just silently observing what comes and goes through my awareness is a great reprieve, from the hustle and bustle of life. I usually wind up on and off trail and find some neat stuff along the way.

I was excited that Marion had found this group and planned this trip for us. It allowed her to get some solid lady-adventure time in, and allowed me some time to wander alone.

Here is the weekend in photographs:


Overall, camping in the Cascades and checking out this event, was a huge success! We found out that the campground we stayed in was closing down this coming week. We were some of the last people to make it through! Don’t worry though, we’ve got at least two more photo trip plans with the Wild Women of 2017,  and mushroom season has just started to roll!

For more on Nikki and the Hike and Draw check out @drawntohighplaces on instagram:



Some of the final results… This was a talented group of ladies.


Cheers & ’til next time,