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Mycological  Photography & Media

hawkswings mushroom Sarcodon imbricatus colorado

A unique specimen photographs a Hawks Wings mushroom (Sarcodon imbricatus) in Southwestern Colorado.

Through studying edible and medicinal plants in southwestern Colorado, I was exposed to the mysterious and alluring world of fungi and wild mushrooms. As a student, at the same time I picked up a book that would forever change my life, Mycelium Running by revered mycologist Paul Stamets.

The more I learned and the more I foraged, the more compelled I felt to shape my life around learning about and photographing mushrooms. My excursions have led me throughout Colorado and the  to the rainy forests of the the Olypmic Peninsual in Washington.

I am continuing to build my mushroom portfolio and archive and currently based out of Bellingham, WA, but travel throughout the western united states depending on the season and for work.

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Mission & Vision

To build a detailed and colorful portfolio of fruiting mushrooms in the western United States, and around the globe. Through sharing the beauty of these amazing organisms I hope to promote awareness about the benefits of fungi and mycological study for the earth and humanity.

As a media specialist, it is my goal to work alongside scientists and citizens both, and be a bridge between academic knowledge and the basic understanding of fungi in our communities and ecosystems. Through this media we hope to engage viewers with the cultural, and scientific significance of understanding fungi in the context of bioremediation, biomimicry and alternative medicine and heath.