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The Earth Laughs in Flowers

The Earth Laughs in Flowers

Rising early, standing on the balcony breathing morning air.

Noticing myself feeling mixed and anxious.

Praying for guidance, asking the divine for comfort.

Compelled to walk, I let myself be led to the river.

Sitting and breathing, awaiting the rising sun.

Sitting with my heart fluttering and dancing with emotions,

…paying them heart instead of mind.

Resting my head on the ground, crying tears of all kinds.

The sun rises and I stand to greet it, giving thanks for this heart that I have.

Grateful for my life and my willingness to live it.

Relaxing into my experience,

I find a tremendous self-worth and purpose as I walk myself home.

Quietly making tea, turning on music,

…feeling excited for the new day.