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It’s funny how a mistake can lead to a random success. Yesterday had I planned on going to photograph at sunset. I had the idea of going to this little French village and photographing right as the sun was setting on large stone tower attached to the archaic church nestled in the middle.

Since I got lost diving on the windy roads to this particular village I missed the sunset by about 15 minutes… wah wah wah. But, I continued up the small serpentine road and came upon a silent orchard. The flat field of budding trees was accompanied by a steep slope and a great vantage for the color-show up in the clouds.

I quickly shifted mindset and set up for “time-lapse”. I programed my camera to take a picture every 5 seconds and enjoyed the show. I let the time-lapse run for about a half hour, capturing a few different angles. The last angle is the one I shared above… The video clip was a little short, so I decided to try experimenting and played the clip forwards and backwards a few times while following different pans.

I think when we put ourselves out there to do something new, and let go of our expectations, we are rewarded with fun surprises like these 😉

I hope you enjoy!