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Before and After - Chiang Dao Caves, Thailand - Alex Pullen Photography

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I can teach you the media skills you need to represent your work or business. The only way to make your business float in the digital age, is by being innovative and clear with your image. Social media feeds and websites are left in the dust by potential customers if they are not pertinent, engaging and have clear calls to action. To do that you’ve gotta have the skills and the vision. Simple knowledge goes a long way, if you have it at the right time.

I’m a professional freelance artist that’s worked with 100’s of businesses in many different industries. I  can help your projects succeed through one-on-one sessions.  Together, we’ll covering skills, programs or methods for getting your media on the web and into print, the way you want it.

I teach these skills in a 1-on-1 environment

  • How to use your camera for the specific shot you are going for (whether a product, a model, a building, or whatever… believe me I’ve done some wild jobs, for unique businesses)
  • How to build simple “light boxes” to get white backgrounds for products.
  • How to edit your photo (engaging, memorable, and clear message)
  • How to insert images and video into your campaigns to increase traffic and appeal
  • How to optimize your images for SEO and website friendliness
  • Portraits, Architecture, Landscapes, Street Photography, Product Photography and Video… All of it…

Product Photography - Alex Pullen

Every week I dig into the suit of Adobe editing programs. PhotoShop, Lightroom, Illustrator and others. If you need some skills to get you on your feet to design a new banner advertisement for your website, or need editing a product photo, or you need pro portraits for your partners, I can quickly and effectively get you started in any one of these Adobe programs. If you don’t use Adobe, and are looking for or using an alternative, hit me up. I still may have some great info to share.

Do you have questions about making your own video? I can help you avoid some major mistakes most beginners make. Saving you time, money and increasing the quality of your work.

Bummed with your current website? Need a new one all together? Wanna do it your self? The world of HTML is not an intuitive place. In an hour, I can give you some key insights and understands that will help you feel confident when diving into your website.

before_and_after_BrideAlex Pullen is a professional freelance photographer and artist. Through years of dedication he has amassed the  skills necessary to represent high quality products and services with his images. Alex’s work can be seen on dozens of websites, social media profiles, and a select few fine art galleries. To get a head start on your project contact Alex Pullen today.

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At some point, all business owners are gonna have to grapple with their image. For those of you wanting to do it on your own. I can help you attain the skills necessary to do it fast and effectively.

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Alex Pullen – Independent Photographer and Designer

I have a no competition policy… which means, I don’t believe in competition. We all succeed, or we all fail. By sharing hard earned knowledge I help the entrepreneurial community around me. I truly believe a strong and diverse community of businesses is healthy for society, that creates more work in an industry that brings innovation, creativity and fulfillment. If you want to run your own media campaigns and websites and are looking for advice, don’t hesitate to ask.



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