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A few weeks ago I made the move up to Fort Collins from Durango. The closer I was getting to completing my degree at FLC, the more I was feeling pulled out of town. Even though the community and local of Durango was amazing, I decided that my life needed to be mixed up a little bit. So I borrowed my dads BMW for a long weekend,  and made the journey across the beautiful state of Colorado in the middle of January. After spending an action packed long weekend in Durango visiting and saying goodbye to all my awesome friends, sharing food and playing music, I packed up the car and headed north.  Since I was feeling adventurous and wasn’t sure when I would be in the San Juan Mountains again, I decided to take long way up to the Fort Collins.

The 600 mile and 14-hour journey was well worth it. In fact, one of the most memorable road trips I’ve been on. I’ve lived in Colorado for most of my life and have gotten to explore a lot of its terrain, but getting to take a tour like this was incredible. I got to cross 12 passes and the Great Divide multiple times. Crossing from the Atlantic to Pacific watersheds and back again in the middle of a blue bird winter day, singing to my favorite albums a midst the company of my houseplants and colorful personal belongings stuffed into the front seat of the silver station wagon was awesome.

Since I was alone and had no time limitations I stopped fequently to take photos…

Here are some highlights of the journey…

View looking East from the Top of Berthod Pass, Colorado – 2012

North San Juan Mountains, Colorado – 2012

Looking East over the Front Range at the lights of Denver illuminating low clouds – Rand, Colorado – 2012

I am missing Durango but am also very excited for what the future holds… And taking a small adventure through Colorado was a great way to commemorate this transition.