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“We can only love what we know, and we can never know completely what we do not love. Love is a mode of knowledge…”

– Aldous Huxley –

Alex investigating a medicinal Ceanothus spp. in southern Colorado

Alex investigating a medicinal Ceanothus spp. in southern Colorado

I’ve come to understand an ethic appreciating wild lands arises out of building relationships with the land itself. Before we can convince others a cause needs defending, it seems we need to relate to them, the individuals and communities dependent on a biomes health, and what this health intern offers us. Growing up in the forests of Colorado and studying edible and medicinal native plant species, fungi and wildlife, I’ve come to immensely value open space. And value it in a way that includes humans, their infrastructure and their societies. Through understanding the wild lands around us I firmly believe that we can transform our cities into the blossoms of the earth.

Creating a regional catalog of stock images is a daunting task. Linked below is the catalog of images I’ve consolidated and keyworded in a user friendly index. In the next year I hope to significantly expand this catalog  in detail, diversity and scope. I offer this catalog of stock images to the groups, non-profits and businesses seeking unique and regional stock photography of the seasonal landscape in Colorado the Southern Rocky Mountains of the United States.

I’m excited about the depth and specificity of this catalog, as I would rather document one region intimately than present a smattering of national parks and monuments from across a larger region.


Stock Photography by Alex Pullen

Regional stock photography available summer 2015

Dynamic – Unique – Memorable

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Here’s what people are saying about my work:




“Alex’s photography makes the San Juan Mountains come to life,  for even those who have never touched foot in southern Colorado. His photos have brought new life to our website and the sharing of his work with non-profits reflects his passion for making the world a better place.”


Marcie Bidwell

Executive Director, Mountain Studies Institute


“Advocacy and community organizing can be condensed into one simple word: storytelling. Not only does Alex understand the deep importance of story in creating our past, present, and future – he also possesses the unique skill of transforming the lens of his camera into a compelling voice, an incisive pen. Alex’s images help define, elaborate, and enrich the stories of this world.”


Dan Olson

Executive Director, San Juan Citizens Alliance