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Over the last few months I have been playing with my camera and trying to learn more about how to take good photos. Lots of work on composition, aperture and shutter speed…

I have also been reading about taking pictures form other people on-line and have been stoked on this peice of advice…. To get a good photo one must take risks… Not in terms of putting yourself in danger but in terms of walking a little farther, staying out later, or getting up earlier, or trying something new. If you just point and shoot, you will get a very borring photo. If you try to get the light, composition and subject perfect and have no fear of being adventurous, the image that you constructed will be new and unique to the world.

The image above is one that I took on the Pouder river trail trying to get some long exposures of water. This was taken well after sunset and I am standing on rocks in the river with my tripod. 2min exposure at f22 and my telephoto lens.

Here is a photo taken at the same spot on the River the previous day. This is with my 18mm lens and an 8 sec exposure (so that some movement is still captured in the water but not as dramatic as the first one).

This one is from two nights ago when I went on an all night snow shoeing adventure for a friends birthday in Rocky Mountain National Park. Great evening, it was a balmy 34 degrees (which is nice for being at 10,000 feet in the early spring in the middle of the night ha ha). Me and my buddy Ben brought our cameras with us so we were working on long exposure shots while we were up there. This is a 45 second exposure at f3.5 and my 18 mm lens. I believe the brightest star in the middle of the sky is  Mars. There is a bit of camera shake as I was having to hold down the shutter to keep it open that long. I have a remote shutter coming in the mail so hopefully next time it will be a bit crisper.

Here is another long exposure looking at the west side of Longs Peak.

Enjoy and more updates soon,