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A few weeks ago I got a message from a friend who I met in Chiang Mai, Thailand this last winter. He was reaching out because he founded a successful Instagram page with almost 10,000 followers and he was looking for a photographer to supply backgrounds for his inspirational quotes. Wow! Super honored!

We have since chatted and I’m excited to contribute my photographs to his following as it’s personal growth oriented and he seems to really inspire people with his prompts and quotes. He said that he is heavily studying “cognitive coaching” and how to best be an inspirational presence in people’s lives. Helping them overcome their fears, tackle obstacles and find more happiness. It seems there is a lot of junky content out there on social media feeds and Rob’s feed is the type of media that I love. It’s inspirational, attractive and empowering.

My images started being posted alongside Robs motivational quotes in early October. To see my shots with more of Rob’s inspirational quotes visit him on Instagram @mrmindfulcoaching