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Thankfully I can hear the sounds of the creek outside, as I write this. It helps blend together the noise of dump trucks clashing and industrial paper shredders bootlegging in the neighborhood. The little chirping birds of spring vie for their existence in the human-cacophony and like rays of light cut through the static waves of my distracted mind and bring me back to reality…

Mt Shuksan, Washington

The sound of of falling water making it’s way to the sea reminds me of what is present, and that there is snow on the mountain if I follow it upstream.

This snow was one of the things I was asking for during the holidays… Heaps of snow in the mountains, creates a wet spring, a glorious green summer and an abundant fall – things that I have come to love and appreciate and value.

Our excursions thus far to the North Cascades of Washington have been varied. Twice we ventured to Mt. Baker (Mt Kulshan) and were left with our heads in the clouds, quite literally, with anticipation of what these peaks look like and how they will shape us. Some say every new peak and range of mountains you witness and walk about carves a different shape into you.  Do you agree?

It was sometime into our stay here before we witnessed a few of these peaks revealed, and only then, to the open sky and those brave enough to venture to them.

I hope to release more stories soon so please stay tuned for more!  M’lady and I are getting closer and closer to settling down after much too long of intermittent travel, and then I hope to get back on my posting rhythm and updates!

I’m super backlogged, which is fine because it means I’m getting after it!