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A break in the moisture coming off the Pacific Ocean allowed for excellent viewing of volcanic peaks outside of Portland, Oregon. A “lenticular” cloud can be seen osculating over the peak of Mt. Hood in this high resolution time-lapse.

As air flows along the surface of the Earth, it encounters obstructions, such as mountains and hills. This results in “mechanical turbulence”, which slows down the air directly around the obstacle which can create “standing waves” that appear of condensed water particles that form clouds.

To me, it looked like Mt Hood had a funny mushroom hat on, which made me laugh and wonder at the strange and wonderful phenomena found here in the Pacific Northwest. This post is a part of my weekly photographic series.

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Time-lapse duration: about 20 minutes. Viewed from Mirror Lake, Oregon. For usage rights and licensing contact connect@alexpullen.com

Additional Images from the Shoot