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For the last couple weeks I’ve been getting out trying to find a good vantage of Mt. Hood and catch the sunset. It’s predictably rainy and overcast this time of year in Oregon, so I’ve been keeping a close eye on the weather feeds. Last tuesday we were rewarded with a spectacular light show at Frog Lake as the low flying sun went behind some clouds, returned to illuminate Mt. Hood’s iconic south face and then final retreated underneath the horizon. Wow! What a neat sunset to witness and capture through time-lapse photography.

To make this time-lapse I babysat my camera and adjusted the settings for about 3 hours (5 second interval) using something called the “holy grail method”. The total capture was about a thousand high resolution images (which filled up my 32GB memory card). I processed the images over three sittings, each of about three hours each. So a total of about 12 hours of time went into making this video and sharing it with you all… I hope you enjoy it. I had a lot of fun making it.

This process is also teaching me about how much energy it takes to make a high quality three minute video let alone a feature length one. I think I’m gonna stick with short segments like this for now. And, I want to get really good at making them.

Mt Hood Oregon Alex Pullen Photography

We stayed well after dark because the Big Dipper presented itself – what a day!

Below, are some more images from the same sunset. I’ve been packing not only one camera and tripod around for these hikes, but two of each. That way while one is tied up doing the time-lapse, I can take still images with the other. This also is allowing me to take pictures of my camera taking pictures, which is dorky, but also adds a cool behind-the-scenes feel.

If you are interested in ordering prints of any of these images or usage rights contact Alex at connect@alexpullen.com and I can let you know the details.

Cheers and thanks for checking out this week’s adventure!


P.S. Last photo in the gallery below is me checking out an edible “Lions Mane” mushroom. Super cool dude that we found on the way to the lake. Gotta love the fall abundance


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