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A state of being, an art of non-thinking,

 A quiet meditation.

Walking silently, aware of a billion sensations.

Fine tuned, humming harmony, subtlety and with grace.

Gently suspended between two goddess elms.

They hold me protected and I settle into the moment.

An awakening deepening, searching the feelings of a warrior’s being.

Muffled-stillness, a beating-heart walking, ready-awaiting it’s next mission.

Singing soft songs to still my kind mind.

Observing a roaring sea turn mirror calm,

 holding the moon reflected in my palm.

Turning, slide across the wholeness of my feet.

Suspended in space,

 feeling rooted, rock-solid, grounded.

While holding onto nothing, drifting, ebbing and flowing.

Supported by the air and the ether,



dancing my own  dance of  joy and flames,

suspended in transcendance…

one footstep, one footstep, one footstep at a time…