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Women’s March – Portland, Oregon


Tens of thousands gathered to participate in the Woman’s March, Saturday January, 21st in Portland, OR.  This day will be remembered as one of the largest mass political events in human history, with millions of protestors and rallies on seven continents for equality, women and marginalized groups around the nation and globe.

As a white English speaking male, this has been one of the most influential days of my life. I am honored to partake in such a movement of equality. Truly and deeply. Seeing us come together and support women and marginalized groups (the African-American, Latino, Native and LGBT community, among others) reminds me of my duty to advocate for those who have less opportunity than I… and through that I benefit my community, and future generations on a finite earth.

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Standing up together – as equals – across the entire planet for equality (including Antarctica), we command a presence.

Our disobedience will be testament to that.  This “Women’s” march on January, 21st 2017, is a day to remember. For both men and women, of all makes and models…

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