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As my first (and experimental blog post) I wanted to share some photos that I spent some time revamping a few days ago. I have been playing with Photoshop for the last few months and have learning how to adjust and crop images. I recently went back and revisited some of my photos from traveling in Thailand and Lao and touched them up. You can click on them to get a larger image as well.


Lotus outside of Pai, Thailand – 2009

Retaining wall of the old Siamese capitol – Chang Mai, Thailand – 2009

Fence built out of a dismantled Russian military outpost – Xienguang Province, Lao – 2009

Detail of the tiles used to decorate a Buddhist Watt in Bangkok, Thailand – 2009

Bits of broken Chinese porcelain used to mosaic the exterior of a Watt – Bangkok, Thailand -2009

Golden Plumeria flower – Luang Prabang, Lao – 2009