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Salutations to the Sun

Salutations to the Sun

Emerging early, to catch the first rays,

I walk to the knoll beneath the cherry trees.

My unfurling of this tattered mat is a

 quiet gesture of self-love…

of devotion.

An embodiment of a fiery passion for life.

My intention this morning… as the mat softly lands on the grassy ground,

is to feast on the sun.

Sitting calmly, breathing fully and slowly,

Wood kindled inside by the rising-fire of my inner potential…

“I set ablaze the fire of my inner joy.”

Offering prayers of gratitude to the flaming sphere I sit facing,

intending to ground this energy.

So it may flow through me.

I place my palms on the earth and rise from my seat upon the lotus flower.

Stand-sweeping my arms up… inhaling,

I open the wide window between the world and my willing heart.

“Standing atop a mountain of awareness…”

I bring my hands together and bow.


deeply into my fold.

Eyes closed, lifting-inhaling my back flat, reaching my head out long.

Suspended there I ask myself,

“What is it in this world that holds me?

 Opening my eyes and releasing my breath… lowering back down into my fold,

I place my hands next to the  feet-that-hold-me so-well…

Calling in the heated metal of the earth’s core and breathing fire into my palms,

my legs ride the wind back.

Feet touching down, body long, aligning alive-shoulders over my aware-palms,

“I feel strong amidst a changing world…”

I lower, elbows in, slide upward, chest rising,

inhale  expanding, roaring-shoulders back,

 “I rise joyfully to meet all  the opportunities of this day…”

 Activating the core, wave-rolling- inhaling my hips to the sky,

my palms spreading forward, grounding my heels into the earth.

“Again, I feel strong amidst an ever changing world…”

Bringing my weight down and back, head up, eyes focused,

calm-ready to pounce, I exhale fully…

Diaphragm slow tensing, I feel the snap of my lotus-mat propel me forward,

  core catching me as I gently lower the feet-that-hold-me-so-well

next to my-aware-palms. 


“What is it in this world that holds me ?”

Diving reverse, light as a swan, I land atop the mountain of awareness.

Head lowered,

gaze inwards,

hands  in prayer.

 This morning I speaking to the world,

 “Salutations to the Sun,

awakening light within,

blessed be the dawning of higher consciousness

in all beings beneath you…”