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Something about seven sunflowers..

Collected by bicycle, a busy bee, flying from one stand to the next,

seeking beauty and feeling the Sun shine rain joy on a cloudy day.

Humming old songs from Jamaica,

soft green-blue harmonies under a grey and threatening sky,

the rock-steady rhythm moves my feet peddling in sync with the tempo.

Down the dirt alleys, detouring through a familiar neighborhood,

up sidewalks, bumps, gravel and back onto the road.

Greeting all the  great grand-mother trees that I ride beneath,

as they shelter me from the light rain falling.

Steady hold-protecting my glass jar of sunshine,

no hands on the handlebars gazing into a deep horizon,

smelling so strongly the details blowing, fall breeze in my face.

Arriving home, flowers in hand – gifts from the world to myself.

Singing, trimming stems, and offering cuttings back to the earth.

Arrangement is an aesthetic meditation.

Feeling for a gestalt,

a visual-spacial harmony,

makes my soul smile.

Sitting on a cozy floor warmed by a ceramic cup filled with contentment.

Sunshine in a vase,

on a coffee table.

There is something about finding sunshine a cloudy day…