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December 25, 2015

 Alex has been invaluable to me and my work on The Enemies Project. Alex assisted me on a very logistically and emotionally challenging project in Kashmir on the border of India and Pakistan. For two and a half months we traveled in an area that was frequently closed down by military police. We met with former militants and surviving spouses of a decades long conflict. Alex’s calm and generous presence made this difficult work immensely easier than it would have been alone. In our time together, Alex helped with nearly every logistical need that arose while working in a difficult area. He kept meticulous notes and provided me with the invaluable service of a second set of ears and eyes to record emotionally charged interviews while we were photographing.

Since our time working together, Alex has honed his craft even more. He is a consummate professional and a joy to work with. Alex does nothing without passion. I recommend him highly.

You can see my TED talk about the project Alex helped with at www.nelsonguda.com/talks