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Delta Change

The Delta leaves me shifting,

a change in: breathing, sensations of lifting.

Where the river meets the sea,

coming together of  what was, and all that potentially be.

Designed simply, three points where two lines meet,

with strength, embracing the “let right now be”.

Running to walls, fear spinning.

Dancing with it until the doorway opens and keeps it shifting,

Evolving daily to keep up with a changing game.

Sitting , watching actions,

the patterns of  mind, contemplating the meaning of my name.

Deep within instructions come.

When intentions are gifted to stars,

faith gently rains.

Red, Black, Green, Blue,

express the spectrum of experience,

I’ve come to.

To think, would be sabotage,

to try, would cross grandmother’s fire-line,

swimming up river is not only work, but dangerous work.

Instead I relax deeper into the rushing current,

intuition willing-drags me downstream.

Smiling faced, farther from a rocky shore,

farther from who I thought I was,

gaze upon the horizon searching for more.

Vision creating what lay beyond.

Exhilarated by the rushing movement,

whirled into center, gently stilled by inner-knowing…

Screaming, “I’m  freely and passionately alive!”

with markers in my hand and triangles in my eyes.

One black, one red, one green, one blue,

my heart feels the acceleration,

of all that is deeply new…