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Cassis is a charming Mediterranean fishing port in southern France, known for pebbly beaches, narrow “calanques” or  limestone canyons, and its seafood restaurants. This little town has a magnificent feeling… One must approach the city center through narrow cobblestone alleys with patio dining tables, and walk onto a hustling stone street that opens into the harbor. Along the bay is a stone paved street lined with three-story pastel colored building famous in Southern France. Their shutters are open and catching the afternoon breeze as the grape vines begin to unravel their leaves.

"Château de Cassis" overlooking the harbor

“Château de Cassis” overlooking the harbor

Tonight we are here to dine, amidst the hustle of this small port-city. Our plan, is to visit a particular Seafood restaurant a stones throw away from the water. We sat down as the last rays of light faded on the wildly imposing castle/hotel “Château de Cassis” that was originally built in the 1200’s.






Toasted bread with olive paste known as "tapenade"

Toasted bread with olive paste known as “tapenade”

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Mussels, fish, potatoes accompanied by the fish soup.

We arrived at the Poissonnerie Laurent and started with an excellent white wine produced in the local vineyards… We enjoyed toasted bread with olive paste, spicy tomato fish soup, and grilled sea-bass fillet with vegetables. As the sun set and the temperature dropped, our spunky and loud yet charming waiter turned on the heaters and brought out soft blankets for the diners on the patio.


It was a total success. We sat and talked as the crowds slowly meandered by. After our meal, we decided to come back soon and do the short hike to see the panoramic sea views of the calanques.

More to come and Cheers,


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