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Self portrait blue green-web

-Self portrait composition created by blending 6 photographs: a selp portrait two sunsets and 3 landscapes from across the globe –

The opening track to Micheal Franti’s album, Songs from the Front Portch is “What I Be”… and It is fun to take a second and think about What it is that I Be…

I’ve been devoting much of my time to growing into a new shell. Adorning the shell with bright scales pointed thorns while remembering to keep my underbelly flexible, pliant and toned… Growing myself into a community member, business owner, artist as well as a better friend and better self critic.

Hours of visioning, learning new skills and insights… asking questions that span different paradigms and setting goals to trump those questions.

…being greatful for the opportunities and challanges I have accepted in this last year and the year ahead.

Here are a few accomplishments I’ve been stoked on since my last post:

Flier I created about a talk on Kashmir I'm giving at Fort Lewis College this coming spring.

A Flier I created for the Kashmir Analogs talk I’m giving at Fort Lewis College this coming spring.

I’m excited to give a lecuter on my experiences in Kashmir working on with Enemies Project. Fort Lewis College is my old stomping ground and it will be fun to give back to the Sociology and Environmental Studies departments this coming March. I’ve got some new Ideas as to how I’m going to portray the striking portraits I gatherd working in Kashmir and tie them into the larger socio-global context these amazing people live in.

Layout I designed of how this website will look

Layout I designed of how this website will look

This is a screen shot or a wireframe design of the website I’m building for a good friends Draft-Beer Instalation bussiness. I’m pretty stoked on  the photographs of his tap installations and beer poured from them turned out. I’ve got a bunch of killer photographs to use on the sight as content.

It’s not as much what you do that makes you what you are… But, how you do it and why?


….I think that’s “what I be”…

As always, I love your feedback and thoughts…