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smith-rock-oregon-alex-pullen-photography-wild-women-of-2017-7308At the end of August, my wife and I had the idea to expand our “red dress” portfolio and create a calendar featuring other women in nature. After a remarkably successful “call for models” we began taking action and bringing this idea to fruition.

After spending a few weeks corresponding with the women who responded to our facebook post, we determined our dates and locations. For our fist endeavor we all journeyed out to Smith Rock, Oregon to revel among the desert spires and blue sky.

We chose Smith Rock, as it would offer us a more dry-land desert environment and fair weather this late in the season. To make it easy to get to different locations, we camped in the area for two nights and enjoyed the brisk fall evenings stoked up good fires. Our models  performed amazingly! While in the area, we also stopped by the Crooked River, The Deschutes River and Whispering Falls. It’s an absolute gift to spend time by these rivers dreaming and creating. We are now processing over 1,200 images and wanted to share a few that stood out. Some of these may be contenders for the calendar.


Light painting at camp one night.

Holding space for these amazing women has been a truly nourishing and heartfelt experience for me as a photographer and man. It’s an honor and a gift to help manifest these images of empowerment, freedom, sensuality and reflection among the grand spires and waterfalls we found on our excursion to Smith Rock State Park. A huge thank you to all the wild women who responded to our call for models last month, and those of you who are following this project.

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