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Wild Women

About the Project

It’s the everyday women that inspired this project. That, and the idea of sharing empowering images of women in nature, just being who they are, wild and free.

The models in these images were volunteers from an “open call for models” as we sought a diverse group of women to photograph for the 2016 chapter of this project. Our goal is to create a strong photographic portfolio of majestic and wild images featuring dramatic landscapes and authentic women – ie no photoshoping women’s curves and encouraging diverse participation.

We found that the women who reached out to participate and be photographed over-achingly wanted to stand up and just embody themselves, playfully, sensually and with class. Our method is to meetup as a group for long-weekend photography sessions while camping in remote areas. We  gather, share and create the photographs during excursions to different locations.

Some women were shy and some were more confident, and in the end, we think all of them really enjoyed the experience (it shows in the photos!).  This combination nourished us all, and provided these women with an opportunity to frolic, play, dance, jump, reflect and be authentic. It is our goal to repeat this project again next year, working with more models and more diverse landscapes.

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Alex & Marion


About the Artist:

Alex Pullen is a traveling freelance photographer currently base out of the Pacific Northwest. Applying his skills as a photographer and story-teller, Alex artistically explores the connection between the mind and the heart, business and people, humanity and the earth. His ideals of ecological justice, social equity and cultural appreciation have led him literally, around the globe.

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